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Boulder Algarve

If you are keen for bouldering in the Algarve, you may find that part interesting. The Algarve is yet not known for a lot of Boulders but you will find some. We are now working on a DWS Tour with handpicked lines along the coast. Maybe  there is gonna be a DWS Taxi next season, you never know. 

Forum - Climbing Partner | Sector Info | News

This Forum is new! We started it for foreign climbers to get in contact with other travellers and local climbers. If you want to meet a climbing partner or need climbing inofrmations, you might be right here. But remember its new and it needs you to be filled with informations & passion. In the beginning we will try to answer questions :)

Coronavirus Climbing Algarve

Since the 4th of Mai the State of Emergency is over. You are allowed to practice your sport. If you drive in a car with more than 2 people you have to wear a mask inside the car. If you want to buy some food in the supermarket, please wear a mask. 

From now on if you like to book a trip with one of our climbing guides please be assure that we just offer privat trips & Guiding + Drone Footage. We disinfect the car and the Equipment before and after use. We provide masks and gloves for our guests. We can't disinfect the rock, so before and after each climb we have a disinfection bottle with us on the rock. 


Rental Climb Gear

We got all you need

You are an experienced climber and want to go climbing in Sagres on your holiday, but you don't want to bring the equipment!? We have all you need!


Rental climb equipment.jpg

Rock Climb Lesson | Sagres

Ready for your rock climb adventure!

What is special about the rock climbing in the Algarve in Sagres & Lagos? We say a lot, because we are not an agency who doesn’t know the area but we actually climbed and discovered all of these stunning climbing routes by ourselves!

Beautiful inland rock areas, rocks by beaches, cliffs around Sagres - rock climbing in a different atmosphere! Most of the rock climbing areas are set up in the nature parc 'Parque Natural do Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina' (PNSACV), that means that you will be part of one of the most scenic climbing areas in Portugal.

In the park a great number of the climbing routes are situated at the cliffs, so imagine nice moves over the azure blue ocean accentuated by the sound of waves and refreshing gust.

 In the Rock Climb Lesson all equipment is included. Half day and full day lessons are available.

Kids & Family Climbing | Algarve

Ready, Set, Go

The private Kids & Family Climbing Lesson is perfect to explore the first vertical adventure with your whole family. Your kids from 6+ and you can learn how to climb in our climbing classes specially made for the whole family. 
We make sure to bring your little ones and you in contact with this exciting sport in a safe and fun way. Focus is on fun climbing on easy grades in a beautiful rock climbing setup perfectly designed for family needs.
The offer is up to 4 family members.

Private Rock Climb Trip | around Lagos

Enjoy Pure Fun

The difference between the Private Rock Climb Trip to a regular Rock Climb Lesson is, that you can book this trip by your own for one or for two people.
This option is especially interesting for people climbing in higher grades (6b+ and more) or those who would like to learn lead climbing, but also for people who think that they would like that extra bit of attention and help we can offer in a 1:1 or 1:2 instructor to climber ratio. In the Private Rock Climb Trip all equipment is included. Half day and full day lesson are available.

Deep Water Solo

You say it's crazy - we say it's fun

Deep Water Solo or also called Psicobloc, is climbing on a overhanging cliff without any further gear.
The DWS climbing area here in the Algarve isn’t the easiest, so you should be able to climb a 6. No problem? Great! The only thing besides the climbing ability you need is to be a good swimmer. Then you are ready to enjoy the free fall and the speeding up to 9,81 m/s. Shortly after you will be immersed into the turquoise ocean.
Take a refreshing swim and get back into our boat to regain your strength for the next attempt. Boat… exactly, you are brought to the cliffs in our boat. In the boat you can also relax and watch the others boulder that endorphin grin on their faces.
One thing is sure, the muscle ache and the experience of trying out DWS is something nobody will ever take away from you.
Needs minimum 4 persons to take place.



Interested in seeing what fun looks like? Then take a look at our gallery of photos from past climbing sessions below.


You want a accommodation next to the climb spots? Have a look at these handpicked hostels in Sagres and Lagos. Check what suits your needs and purse ;)



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Here you will find a map with some Rock Cimbing Areas in Sagres. This is just a simple overview, for more informations purchuase this Rock Climbing Guide written by Carlos “Cuca” Simes.




Here you will find a map with some Rock Cimbing Areas in Sagres. This is just a simple overview, for more informations purchuase this Rock Climbing Guide written by Carlos “Cuca” Simes.


8600 Praia da Luz, Portugal


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